|| VILLA SARDEGNA 2 – On Construction ||

“I've never seen one of boundaries. But I've heard that they exist in some people's minds.”
Cit. Thor Heyerdahl

Distant less than 300m from the sea, 2.000sqm of surrounding private land and 200sqm of interior spaces, the complete renovation project of a private Villa immersed in the greenery of the most exclusive (and least known) residential complex in the north / east of Sardinia.
The project foresees a total re-examination of the property that includes the internal and external spaces, designed in close contact with each other, although quite distinct for use, such as the 5 "relax" points that meet different needs.
The architecture developed, commissioned by the client, presents a typical Sardinian style (as bureaucracies impose) on the exterior, re-interpreted in detail and in the lines, in a contemporary key, giving an elegant, fresh, maritime and refined style Design details. The union of the internal and external areas create an interaction of them in continuity.
The materials chosen for the project, fully respect the general architecture of the residential complex, maintaining a natural impact in harmony with the context.
The granite and marble of orosei (native Sardinian materials, used with contemporary cuts and formats) create the base on which corten (containing dry gardens) have been added, structures bleached chestnut (for external pergolas) and glass balustrades (to give visual continuity between front and back.
The pool, in the shape of a bean typical of the area, has been intentionally integrated and connected to the surrounding areas so that it becomes part of them and not a private area.

|| MAIORA 34m - EXUMA – On Construction ||

"The eternal crossroads between being in the shadow that is assigned to us and coming out of its axis. Between folding and opening up to elsewhere. Between the focus point and the horizon“
Cit. Fabrizio Caramagna

A project (under construction) born from the collaboration, now on its third yacht, between the studio and the historic shipyard Maiora ,which is taking up an important slice of the market into the Motor Yacht world, giving reliability, comfort and innovation by proposing a fluid design, sophisticated in its architecture, characterized by refined details that create a strong and unmistakable personality.
Clear and clean lines give correct space to the development of main axes (in continuous connection with each other) that connect, and at the same time divide, continuously the external and internal areas.
The combination of three shades of oak, in harmony with each other, broken by inserts in wenge 'and polished steel, are the background to the openings towards the sea.

|| M30 – Maiora 30mt – Delivery Summer 2019 ||

"What is a genius? It’s imagination, intuition, decision with a quick execution"
Cit. Amici Miei

30m fast yacht on build at Maiora, historical shipyard in Viareggio, for who we developed the Interior concept in just n.3 weeks and immediately and completely confirmed by the Owner, on the first. Full of glass and transparency, the clear and bright design based on oak wood with a mix of white leather and mat brass inlays, gives the contemporary feeling for a Client that wants to spend his time enjoying the sea and not loosing it to maintain the “toy”.

|| VOYAGER - 45 mt Yacht - Available Project ||

“The journey begins where the rhythm of the heart is exposed to the wind of fear”.
Cit. Fabrizio Resca

Explorer Motor Yacht of 45m and under the 500GT for long range sailings.
The Upper Deck is exclusively dedicated to the Owner with Exterior lounge, Master Cabin, Dressing, Bathroom and an interior Lounge/Office in the front with a terrace on each side.
The full Main Deck is thought (and predisposed) as “common area” for guests, creating a lowered floor on the Main Saloon that is consecutive with the exterior pool (from where is accessible the stern beach club) and the Bar. Going forward, the Dining Room (served from the LD Galley by a food Lift) with an optional layout that include a Wine exposing cellar live the corridor free on the right side . Before the Wheel House, a Gym completes the necessities of the onboard life.
The Crew area is well organised on the back side of the LD, directly connected to the Galley, to the Engine Room and to the guest area, with separated itinerary from the Guest’s once.
Guest’ rooms are foreseen on the Lower Deck with a N.2 VIP Cabin (with the option to reach a giant full beam Vip Cabin) on the front and n.2 Twin Cabin on the back.
The Sun Deck, with a Day Toilet, a Bar, a Dining and a sun area is achievable for the interior stairway.
The must is the sea view that surround all areas, giving a sensation of continuity and connection with the exteriors.

|| BLACKBEARD - 57m Explorer  ||

“The mathematical sciences in particularly exibit order, symmetry and limitations: and these are the greatest forms of the beauty”.
Cit.. Aristotele

Explorer Motor Yacht of 57mt with hight interior volumes including an interior lift (connecting all principal decks), double Saloon (one with fireplace), beach club (accessible also during the sail with bar, gym and a sauna), 6 guest rooms plus Master Suite  Exteriors are organised to accept a helipad, pools, Toys and tenders.


"The shortest distance between two points, is given by a straight line”
Cit. Archimede

Masculine and straight design for the 46m M/Y Peter Pan project, full of tenders and toys (thanks to n.2 garage one between Beach Club and Engine room and a second in front of the Master Suite) and 140sqm of saloons directly connected to the exteriors through sliding doors and balconies on the sea (as for the Master Cabin).
The interior design is clearly based on 90° angularity composed by slats of brow Walnut wood and beige leather (interrupted by a grey leather vertical panels) on bulkheads portions and principal furnitures; black shining steal inlays become handles in “V” or rhombus shape on side furnitures and doors. Floors with the central “carpet” in grey Saint Lourent marble leave a free passage (in light grey oak) on each side of the Main Saloon. Floating ceilings, in grey leather contained by a black metal insert, highlight seating areas.
A light grey ash brushed wood back-ground connects together the smooth change of materials.