“A future without a heritage would only be a mere succession of futile trends. A truly timeless style finds its unwavering appeal and elegance in the inspiring roots of history.”

Umberto Fossati was born and raised in the vibrant city of Turin. In this former royal capital of Italy, the most rooted traditions and splendours of the past blend with the dynamism and creativity of an industrial flagship, in a rather unique cosmopolitan metropolis. Spending most of his spare time in the antiques and interior design family business, which the Fossatis have been running with passion for generations, young Umberto quickly developed a taste for fine arts and antique furniture, with a particular interest in pieces with a history to tell.

This initial training would later shape the designer’s very own signature style, made of sober, masculine yet refined materials and pieces, enriched by international influences captured from the Far East to the Americas.

Sharpening his eye for details through his studies in architecture at the University of Turin and interior design at the University of Milan, Umberto Fossati forged his artistic work based on his innate passion for craftsmanship, creating beautiful living spaces inspired by solid traditions and the sophisticated experience of a savvy traveler.

Following an initial career in designing luxury interiors for major Italian studios, Umberto then left to Tuscany, listening to the irresistible call of the sea. It is in Viareggio, home to some of the most prestigious shipyards in the world, that he completed his architectural education, working at two iconic yacht builders that have shaped Italian naval history.

Both on land and at sea, the dynamic feeling and flamboyant eclecticism that highlight his projects come from a harmonious combination of subtle design and carefully selected materials. In an architectural approach dedicated to satisfying and even exceeding the expectations of the most demanding clients, by translating their dreams and identity into unique living spaces, Umberto Fossati proposes a bespoke design experience made of elegance and functionality, so distinctively Italian.

“...Timeless class and functional elegance form the unmistakeable signature of Italian design...”

Our interview for "Onsite Yachting" - by Towant


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